Lab Photos

Lab Photo 2020. From top left. Yadira Salgueiro, Jae Lee, Ruby Taylor, Sofia Benavides, Barbara Marin, Chris Li, Susana Cerqueiro, Lindsay Milich, Shaffiat Karmally, Christine Ryan, James Choi, Dylan Carrington, Eric Oh

Lab Photo 2019. From left. Jae Lee, James Choi, Kaila Hundley, Christine Ryan, Yadira Salgueiro, Irene Goo, Susana Cerqueira, Lindsay Milich, Stephanie Yahn, Shaffiat Karmally

Lab photo 2015. From left: Jae Lee, Michelle Rudman, Amber Hackett, Lucy Funk, Yunjiao Zhu, Yadira Salgueiro, Do Hun Lee, Stephanie Yahn

Lee and Park Labs 2013. From left: Jae Lee, Ben Yungher, Yunjiao Zhu, Kirill Lyapichev (back), Cynthia Soderblom (front), Do Hun Lee, Eric Bray (back), Yadira Salgueiro (front), Ting Luo, Kevin Park

Science Photos

Spinal cord section from PLP-eGFP mouse stained with NG2 antibody. Oligodentrocytes in green, NG2 cells in magenta. (Amber Hackett, 2015)

Sagittal section of transected mouse spinal cord. Corticospinal tract in red, serotonergic axons in green, astrocytes in blue. (Jae Lee, ~2009)