Jae K. Lee, PhD

University of Miami
Miami Project to Cure Paralysis
Department of Neurological Surgery

Susana Cerqueira, PhD

Assistant Scientist

James Choi

Research Associate

Corey Fehlberg
Graduate Student

Shaffiat Karmally

Research Associate

Christine Ryan

Graduate Student

Yadira Salgueiro

Research Associate

Sofia Benavides

Undergraduate Student

Zach Davis

Undergraduate Student

Former Trainees

Lindsay Milich, PhD (Graduate Student, 2016-2021) Postdoc in Dr. Christopher Glass's lab at UCSD

Stephanie Yahn, PhD (Graduate Student, 2014-2019) Postdoc in Dr. Nicholas Banovich's lab at Translational Genomics Research Institute

Michelle Rudman, MD/PhD (Graduate Student, 2014-2017) Neurology Resident at Washington Univ St. Louis in Dr. David Holtzman's lab

Amber Hackett, PhD (Graduate Student, 2012-2016) Strategy Consulting Analyst at Numerof & Associates

Lucy Funk, MD/PhD (Graduate Student, 2013-2016) Psychiatry Resident at UC Davis

Yunjiao Zhu, PhD (Graduate Student, 2011-2015) Bioinformatics Scientist at Illumina

Do Hun Lee, PhD (Postdoc, 2011-2016) Postdoc in Dr. Xiao Ming Xu's lab at Indiana University

Cynthia Soderblom, Ph.D (Postdoc, 2011-2015) Research Scientist at IPD Analytics

Kirill Lyapichev, MD (Research Associate, 2011-2014) Hemapathology fellow at MD Anderson

Former Undergraduate/High School Students

Eric Oh, Research Volunteer, 2020

Hannah Lee, Research Volunteer, 2016-2020

Samantha Jimenez, Research Volunteer, 2018-2019

Kaila Hundley, Research Volunteer, 2017-2019

Natasha Cammer, Research Volunteer, 2016-2018

Irene Goo Summer, Neurotrauma Research Program Intern, 2017, Volunteer 2017-2019

Ji Park, Research Volunteer, 2015

Mario Rodriguez, UM Senior thesis, HHMI undergrad, 2014-2016

Jia Li, Research Volunteer, 2014-2015

Sebastian Cevallos, Research Volunteer, 2013

Vidhya Krishnan, UM Senior thesis, 2012-2014

Catherine Hsu, Research Volunteer, 2012

Alicia Khan, Summer Neurotrauma Research Program intern, 2012

Jose Ramos, Research Volunteer, 2012-2014