We are located at the University of Miami medical school campus in the Lois Pope Life Center building, home of the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis.

Jae K. Lee, PhD

University of Miami
Miami Project to Cure Paralysis
1095 NW 14th Terrace
LPLC 4-19
Miami, FL 33136
305-243-2646 (office, LPLC 4-19)
305-243-2599 (lab, LPLC 3-01)

Available Positions:

Please submit your application here and email your CV to Jae Lee if you are interested in joining our lab.

To contact the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis:

Mailing Address:
Post Office Box 016960 (R-48)
Miami, FL 33101-6960

Phone: (305) 243-6001 or (800) STAND UP

Email: miamiproject@med.miami.edu